October 14, 2011

with sleepy eyes and the bombay bicycle club in my ears i stared out the bus window and thought of you. the balmy air and tiresome sunlight trickled onto my face and warmed my skin. the mountains sat on top of each other and reminded me of bali or cambodia; or how i imagine these places to be.
I imagined you to be sitting next to me, both of us reminiscing of days gone by and dreaming of days to come. my body was worn out and felt as if every part of me was yawning as the bus drove up the narrow and winding road and my leaving blues set in. 
I associate all of these moments with you mim, if only you were here to see what i am seeing. i look into the sky and think of you and hope that you´re thinking of me too. we´ll share things together again soon. for now, please take care and know that i love you.

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